Infinite Rose Gem

Infinite Rose Gem delivered in London from OnlyRoses
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A Long-Lasting Gift

The Infinite Rose Gem is sure to add a little sparkle to someone’s day. The perfect gift, in a gorgeous OnlyRoses presentation box not only travels well but will also impress along the journey.

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Luxury Roses

The Infinite Rose Gem is available in one size - Medium (5 Small Infinite Roses) and all the stunning colours of our Infinite Rose® collection.

Infinite Roses® are real roses, that last up to a year, without any water. They cannot be told apart from their fresh-cut counterparts. Click here for further information about our Infinite Roses®.

Only Roses is the original inventor of the Infinite Roses® range of ever lasting Roses, know as the World's Finest longest-lasting roses. They are real Ecuadorian roses, that have gone through a sophisticated process of natural chemicals and dyes creating preserved roses that will last up to a year without water.

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